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Messages On Hold
Nearly 30% of callers make purchases after being informed while on hold.

Recorded Voice Announcements
92% of consumers form their opnion of a company based on their call centre experience.

Interactive Voice Recordings
Interactive voice Response (IVR) accounts for 27% of a consumer’s total call experience.

Music on hold

Hudson Audio's access to Production Houses around the world encomapsses a range of different styles and genres from throughout the years.

Put simply; your business’ branding and character will be judged by the music you play on hold. Consider it an extension of tyour company's' personality. 

Hudson Audio music on hold is carefully matched to your business, marketing campaigns and overall branding, on-hold and in-store.
Hudson Audio also takes care of licensing and copyright, so you won't be at risk of legal infringements and fines arising from playing unlicensed music.

Hudson Audio's creative production crew will identify those track(s) that perfectly reflect your image. With access to literally thousands of AMCOS controlled and royalty-free tracks, exploring a range of genres and styles, you’ll l find our music selections leave a lasting impression on your caller. 

Background Music samples

Hit the play buttons to hear examples from our extensive music library