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Messages On Hold
Nearly 30% of callers make purchases after being informed while on hold.

Recorded Voice Announcements
92% of consumers form their opnion of a company based on their call centre experience.

Interactive Voice Recordings
Interactive voice Response (IVR) accounts for 27% of a consumer’s total call experience.

Messages on Hold

Positive reinforcement of your brand and image on the phone is crucial business practice. 

Customer-centric, engaging, informative and entertaining messages on hold are a powerful tool to reinforce your brand and introduce new campaigns and strategies into the front line of your business.

Connect with a captive audience in a media space you already own and let your customers get to know you, your products and services.

Give them answers to frequently asked questions like opening hours, direct them to online portals to your business, let them know about new product lines and so much more.

HUDSON AUDIO works with you to create tailored audio solutions that connect with your callers, build your brand AND stand you apart from the competition.

Hudson Audio Creative Director Dave Hudson has been producing audio for over 25 years.

Thanks to constant innovation and market-aware creative production, Hudson Audio is proud to service exclusive and elite clients throughout Australia and the world.

Message on Hold packages

What we offer...

Hudson Audio's creative team work with you on  strategic telephone marketing campaigns focussed on your valued caller.
We can  produce current and relevant  communication to reinforce and promote your brand to your customers in the spaces between your P2P contact to ensure they don't 'slip through the cracks'.

Here's a few MOH examples from various industries:

Hudson Audio service guarantee

Talk to our creative production team
We guarantee the following...

Fast turnaround premium message service
Original copy writing
Versatile stable of voice Artists
A cognizant, capable, goals driven and talent-stacked creative think tank
Mind blowing Technical support
Background music copyright administration

Hudson Audio prices are extremely competitive and include: 

No start up fees
No hidden charges
No long term contracts
Hudson Audio can even arrange equipment and installation to your telephone system. Call our team on 0883770149 to enquire further or get a quote online.