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Messages On Hold
Nearly 30% of callers make purchases after being informed while on hold.

Recorded Voice Announcements
92% of consumers form their opnion of a company based on their call centre experience.

Interactive Voice Recordings
Interactive voice Response (IVR) accounts for 27% of a consumerā€™s total call experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR) are the recorded messages and selection menus callers hear and navigate through when they call your business. Callers respond to directives by the recorded voiceā€over, usually by selecting numbers on their telephone keypad or by their own vocal responses. Accounting for almost a third of a customer's call experience, the IVR must be well researched, smartly designed, and be so fast and easy to use it provides all callers with a positive experience.
Hudson Audio's IVR solutions work with standard landlines, VoIP systems, 13 and 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and SmartNumbers. They can direct customer calls to specific phone system extensions, mobile phone numbers, live answering or voicemail.

Message on Hold packages

What we offer...

Hudson Audio's creative team work with you on  strategic telephone marketing campaigns focussed on your valued caller.
We can  produce current and relevant  communication to reinforce and promote your brand to your customers in the spaces between your P2P contact to ensure they don't 'slip through the cracks'.

Here's a few IVR examples from various industries:

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Fast turnaround premium message service
Original copy writing
Versatile stable of voice Artists
A cognisant and talented creative think tank
Technical support
Background music copyright administration

Hudson Audio prices are extremely competitive and include: 

No start up fees
No hidden charges
No long term contracts
Hudson Audio can even arrange equipment and installation to your telephone system. Call our team on 0883770149 to enquire further or get a quote online.